About the Authors

Lead Artist


ketskari is sometimes mistaken for an artist. If you make that mistake, she'll probably forgive you.

Once upon a NaNoRenO, she posted the following initial summary and begged for team members:

The story is a silly fairy tale featuring a young noblewoman who is cursed into the form of an owl, who is then thrown into the midst of royal court intrigue--which she must negotiate on behalf of her prince who is in danger ... except that she has problems communicating with him because, well, she's an owl.

A veteran of collaborations including the acclaimed Asher, ketskari has directed and written for visual novels in addition to her professional illustration.

Lead Writer

Zelda Knight

Besides writting for Sunrise and protoyping its concept art, Zelda Knight writes speculative romance (horror, science fiction, and fantasy). She’s also a cryptozoologist in training. Keep in touch on social media @AuthorZKnight. Or, visit www.zeldaknight.com.

UI Programmer


saguaro has authored visual novels and adventure games under the designation of Lucky Special Games. As a Ren'Py developer, he regularly contributes example code and plug-ins such as the Basic Message System and Twine-to-Ren'Py conversion.