The Story


Lady Sofia has just broken off her relationship to the heir apparent of Sanoria, a kingdom in the American West torn by political upheaval. She loves his younger brother, an idealistic engineer, but dark magic threatens both her love and her life.

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The queen is long dead, the king assasinated. As old relationships and political connections unravel in the winds of change, Lady Sofia and Prince Shiye hope that they might find happiness together. Unfortunately, Shiye's brother Prince Abel -- soon to be crowned king -- has other plans, and Sofia finds herself an unwilling pawn and disempowered observer in the clash between the two brothers' conflicting ideologies.

Betrayed by dark magic, Sophia contends with ghosts and witchcraft while her life and the fate of the kingdom depend on her choices. Will she endure tragedy and violence to find a measure of peace, or will she lose herself in the grip of power?